Do You Know The Differences Between Clearing The Cache And Clearing Data?

Do You Know The Differences Between Clearing The Cache And Clearing Data?

August 23, 2021 Off By Leo

Do you know the differences between clearing the cache and clearing data? Many users still have this doubt. In this article by, we will try to help you solve them. If there is a problem with an application, clearing the cache will be the solution, and will the data be erased? Before that doubt, we will tell you what it means to clear cache and precise data in Android.

Clear Cache Vs. Precise Data, Differences

When you pick up your smartphone and select Settings> Applications and select an application, you will see the options to clear data and clear the cache. However, they are very different things. So, if you don’t want to lose all of your data, be careful what you are doing.

Clear Cache: This option clears all temporary application files (since it is a help cache). So, when you open an app or game, you will find that everything stays the same as before. When an app causes problems, clearing the cache is fixed multiple times. It is therefore advisable not to delete the cache every day but several times a year. You can clear it in Settings> Storage> Clear Cache. You can see this in the previous picture.

Erase Data: This option will erase everything. The application remains as if you had just installed it (the cache is also cleared). For example, if you delete the data from the Facebook app, you will have to re-enter your login when starting the app. This is essentially the difference between clearing the cache and clearing data. This option is convenient after an update if a function no longer works well. Sometimes it is fixed. You can delete data via Settings> Storage> Erase Data.

We hope that the difference between cache and data in Android has become more apparent to you. Now you know you are deleting. The radical option is to erase the data as it will erase everything, don’t forget!