Basic Rules For Writing A Resume

Basic Rules For Writing A Resume

December 3, 2015 Off By Leo

The success story of every person in the job market starts with the resume which he has made. Resume act as the key to entering the cooperative world. It doesn’t matter whether you are a fresher or an experienced person resume is a must.

You should have a page with all your qualifications and experience written and be properly written with proper alignment and format. Using bullets and numbering will also make your resume impressive. There are some rules that you can follow for writing an effective resume.

  • Avoid the first-person pronoun:

Avoid using the first-person pronoun like “I” or “me” or “my” in your resume.  For example, instead of writing, my hobbies are reading books and watching TV. Specify your hobbies in bullet form.

  • Try to send the resume in PDF format:

If you save your resume in PDF format, then your formatting will remain the same as you have applied, but if you try to change the format of the file, then there are chances that your styling, format, font, and so on changes when it reaches to the employer.

  • Make sure that your resume is easily readable:

You should use bullets and numbering in your resume and also try to use straightforward language so that the employer can easily read your resume. 

Even you should keep your resume’s font size between 10 and 12 so that it is easy to read your resume.

  • Keep it consistent:

This is the most common error committed by most persons. If you have started writing your resume in the present tense, then write the full resume in the present tense. You should not only be consistent in the tense of the resume, but you should also be consistent in font size and style of the resume. Once you have started using a font or size, continue writing in that only.

You can even use online templates from resumebuild that will provide you a pattern of the resume.

  • Know your employer:

Knowing your employer doesn’t mean that you should personally know the employer. You should have complete information about the job description and what the employer is expecting from the candidates. This will help you to make your resume more precise as per the demand of the company.

  • Never enter any false information in the resume:

Keep in mind that the person who is running a company and keeping you as an employee will be smart enough to catch your false details. Mention in your resume only that information which is accurate and reliable. If you use any fake information in order to fill the blank space, then it will have a negative impact on the employer, and your resume will be of no use.

Wind up:

If the resume is prepared as per the rules as mentioned above, your chances of selecting for the interview will increase. These are just the basic rules that you can keep in mind easily. You can get the idea from online platform like resumebuild .