Who In Their Right Mind Would Invest In SEO???

Who In Their Right Mind Would Invest In SEO???

May 10, 2021 Off By Leo

In an era where Pay-per-click (PPC) ads get more prominent positioning than organic rankings, why is SEO worth the money? The answer is simple. SEO (search engine optimization) still excels because it promises unprecedented growth in the online world. 

SEO has many benefits which contribute to its popularity and make it the most common method to find visibility and gain traction in the online world. It comprises certain practices, aka SEO online marketing techniques, which optimize each aspect of the website to align it with the search engine ranking factors. 

Once implemented, an SEO online marketing strategy can result in an improvement of your search engine ranking. Ranking at the top is the epitome of online success as a high rank in the search engine results bears immediate marketing fruit. A high rank enables the business to interact with its target audience and spreads brand awareness. If continued with consistency, SEO can get you this high rank. 

When SEO takes your website to your target audience, i.e. the people already in the market searching for what you sell, you have a higher chance of making a sale, obtaining a genuine lead, earning a subscription, or whatever it is that you have built the website for. This is how investing in SEO can result in online growth.

All these benefits come with investing in PPC as well, so why is SEO still worth the investment? Because websites ranking through SEO appear to earn more clicks than those ranking through PPC. Every online sale starts with a click, and if your website fails to get that many clicks, will PPC still be worth the investment?

SEO is likely to continue to enjoy the importance it has today because so far, there is nothing that can compete with SEO in the search engine marketing world. 

Landau Consulting, an internet marketing company in NJ, helps businesses leverage the potential of the digital world by consulting in internet marketing and SEO services and has discussed some benefits of SEO in this amusing infographic so that you may see how SEO can be your way to the top. 

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