Top 10 Travel Insurance Mistakes to Avoid

Top 10 Travel Insurance Mistakes to Avoid

November 6, 2019 0 By

Even after being extra careful, you may commit some mistakes and then repent later. So, read on… top 10 most common mistakes that travelers make when buying travel insurance. We hope they will help you avoid the common mistakes.

1) Don’t forget to analyze the coverage that your policy provides.

2) Don’t write false information. When people try to save money hiding the information it leads to bad consequences in future. Provide proper data about your existing medical conditions because if the insurer finds out that you were suffering from an ailment which you did not disclose, the insurance contract can be terminated.

3) Always read the fine print (terms and conditions). Never buy travel insurance policy if you have not gone through the terms and conditions mentioned in the policy.

4) Don’t wait till the last minute. Last minute bought policy might not have coverage that you require and you don’t have time to read terms and conditions of the policy. Besides, planning your requirements in advance (e.g., comparing different options) will save you money. Another thing is when you buy travel insurance in the last minute, you are not covered for any emergency occasions and cancellation of the trip.

5) Try not to break the law. It is called the golden rule of traveling: always put up with the laws of the country of your travel. The coverage of your travel insurance policy is limited to legal activities only. Always try to find out the rules of the country you plan to visit.

6) Don’t break travel insurance rules. Check out everything you are covered for and do not go to places which don’t come under the terms and conditions of the policy.

7) Don’t buy travel insurance after you have become ill or your trip was cancelled because you will not be covered.

8) Don’t enter into hazardous activities and sport unless your insurance covers it. Cover for hazardous activities is an optional service, so don’t forget to add this coverage to your policy.