Several Importance Of Photography In General

Several Importance Of Photography In General

October 12, 2021 Off By Leo

Want to know if something is significant in your life? Delete it from your life and see if you can survive without it. This is the importance of things in our life, and it is clear that photography from is not in the first place. I would live peacefully without photography. I don’t want to belittle the photograph in any way, but having it in its place is fair!

Of course, photography does have its importance, but it is no use saying that it is essential in a wedding, for example, because it is not! The priest, pastor, or judge is more important. Religion and law are, therefore, more critical. Therefore, the witnesses are also more critical. The bride and groom, why, without them, none of that would exist. They are the most important and so on. And the photograph is there in its place.

Photography has several essential and let’s see them now:

Historical Importance – The Record

Photography is just one of several methods of recording information. There is painting, writing, plastic arts, videos or cinema, and speech. Through all these methods, it is possible to register information to be passed from generation to generation. The fact that we can transmit information to our children, grandchildren, and future generations, that we leave something for later history, makes the record important. The first photographs, photographs of wars, slaves, and lifestyles from a long time ago, are significant for understanding our evolution.

Genealogical Importance – Inheritance

Having proof that you have been with someone or a group is something significant for human beings. Family groups gathered in front of a camera, workgroups, the couple in love strolling through their favorite places. The grandchildren, the children, the parents, the grandparents, and the confirmation that that member belonged to that group. It gives us a feeling of truly belonging to that particular story at that given time and place. This understanding of who met whom, through whom, and with whom is fundamental for us to learn more about our dynamics and the people close to us.