Questions To Ask Yourself Before Deciding On Playing Poker

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Deciding On Playing Poker

September 30, 2021 Off By Leo

Before you get too excited playing on any of the situs poker online, it is best if you ask yourself first some questions that can help you determine your readiness in playing the game. Playing poker is serious especially if there is a money involved, hence deciding too early is not an option if you want your poker gaming fun and satisfactory.

What Are The Things You Have To Clarify To Yourself Before Playing Poker

Thinking of playing poker? Just so you know, not because one person is enjoying it, it does not mean you will enjoy it too. Different people have different preferences, so you have to clarify if you prefer to play poker or not before actually starting to play.

To help you with your self-assessment, below are some of the questions you must answer yourself before proceeding:

  • Do I know how to play the game?

You might have watched someone playing the game but you have no idea how to play it when it is your turn. Make sure that you completely understand poker, its winning combinations, the possible combinations, when to fold, raise or call. If you are already confident about your knowledge in it, then you can start playing.

Poker is not as easy as you think, you have to make sure that you know at least the basic of the game before playing with real money.

  • Do I have enough money to spare?

When you play poker, all the money that you deposited on your agen poker online account should be considered loss. You have to play only using the money you can afford to lose. Lucky if you win big, but the truth is, there is no assurance that you will win in poker. Of course, you always wish for the best, but reality talks, poker is a form of gambling.

If you do not have enough money to spare, best to stop or delay your poker gaming. Do not play using the money you will pay your electric bill or any other important expense and utility as if this you do, you might end up in a pool of debts and problems.

  • Do I have enough time to spare?

Do you have enough time to spend playing poker? Make sure that your responsibilities, same as your sleep, will not get sacrificed because of playing poker. If your schedule is too tight, you may want to reconsider playing.

This should only be a pastime and not something that will use up the time you need to spend for your personal, work and domestic responsibilities.

  • What is my motivation when playing?

If your motivation is money, reconsidering poker is suggested. Again, poker is a form of gambling and there is no assurance of winning here. If you are planning to play poker to enjoy, have fun and relax, then you are using this activity to its best purpose. Make sure that your motivation playing this game is realistic.