Overwatch | How to Learn New Heroes

Overwatch | How to Learn New Heroes

November 23, 2019 0 By darshanshah834@gmail.com

There are 31 heroes in Overwatch and you could certainly wait for more, at the BlizzCon 2019 blizzard announced that even with the release of the Overwatch 2, they will never end the support of the first part of the game and the PvP modes with being cross-platform, meaning that you could play together with your friends who have the sequel while you are still playing the first part of this game.

But I get off the topic a little, the point of this article is next. There are a lot of extremely interesting heroes in Overwatch and Blizzard continuously releasing new ones. If you are really interested in the competitive part of this game then you need to clearly understand the best and the most efficient way of learning of these new heroes that will bring you the most profits and climb for the highest point possible at the Overwatch competitive SR ladder. Every booster from https://expertboosting.com could explain this feature, but give me a chance and I will do the best to show you the fastest way of learning new heroes in OW.

According to the last patch notes, Mercy would be nerfed a little and that means that you will be forced to play on another support hero if you are really interested in the SR boosting. So let’s take Moira as an example, she is one of the best healer heroes in Overwatch so far.

Moira’s core behavior is pretty similar to Mercy’s ones. She heals a lot and has an impressive escape tool that will keep you alive even in the most dangerous situations. As any other supports, Moira does not like to be focused and primary using her toolkit to heal allies, instead of dealing damage. But here comes the first crucial difference – to efficiency heal, she must harm, and harm a lot.

If you are common with Supports then you already have a nice start and you could easily change from maining Mercy to maining Moira. For the first time, you need to pick her only in quick matches and do everything is possible to keep her alive as long as you could, healing your allies. But to really learn the new hero you need to go deeper. The switching heroes are not so hard, just create parallels in behavior and you will start to notice certain patterns. Like, remember times, when you amplified damage as Mercy. Now you are playing as Moira that does not have such a tool, but she has much more damage-dealing options, so this time should be highlighted to this aspect of a hero. Remember that these are not the same heroes and you must not play them using one pattern, but for the first time, this will be more than enough. As a Mercy main, aka healer main, you must already have that feeling that is telling you the best moment to use the Valkyrie ultimate to keep your allies alive. To be honest, almost every Support Ultimates must be used when you are hearing the scream of this feeling, and Moira is not an exception. But Moira’s ultimate is much more flexible and could be used as an extremely interesting offensive tool, especially in the current popular Dual Barrier meta.