Impacting Service Department Sales With Automotive Training

Impacting Service Department Sales With Automotive Training

November 6, 2019 0 By

Increased debt and job losses have created an monetary environment that has made it hard for many Volkswagen Tiguan Personal Lease to survive. As the number of car sales continues to decline, dealers are facing extinction if they do not adapt and change their techniques to increase their profitability.

Many dealerships have looked to massive sales and used car sales as an opportunity to recover lost revenues but that only scratch the surface of increasing losses. Some dealers have the foresight to offer sales training as a solution to improve their associates, though, one key area that is usually overlooked is the service department.

Service Advisor Training is essential to the profitability of a dealership as the truth sets in that car sales are no longer going to be the income center of a store.

The decline in sales has resulted in an opportunity for growth as numerous vehicle owners are now holding onto their vehicles for a greater periods of time, exceeding their warranties, and needing more maintenance and repairs.

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The problem that presently exists with most dealerships is a lack of training which leaves lots on the table. Service Advisors can no longer be just order takers and must be able to tap into the opportunities which pull into the drive. This process begins when you invest the time and cash into effective service advisor training.

When you visit a private mechanic, what is it that attracts the consumer to this location over a dealership location? The shop’s service might be the same and even the costs are comparable, yet the client is picking the private mechanic over your service department. The main reason for this could normally be found with the customer service which is provided at these locations, and the perception that dealers are unreliable.

Private mechanics understand that their one source of income comes from random vehicle owners, therefore they are courteous, take the time to educate the customer, and follow through on a regular basis to build a lasting bond. Sadly, most service departments get you in and out without ever developing that consumer bond which is so important to establish long term profit opportunities and consumer retention.

Service advisor training will educate your advisors in the art of the sales and provides them with the knowledge required to make that their clients feel like a family friend instead of just a number. Well trained advisors would not only to make the present repairs, but would prepare their vehicles for future services which may be required.