How Do You Make A Nice Photo Album?

May 7, 2020 0 By

Everyone has a different taste. Not only in terms of clothing, food, and interior, but also in the layout of photo books. How do you make a nice photo album that suits your taste? Make your book the way you want it! After all, these are your memories. Do you want to make a packed page with dozens of quality photos enhanced with a free pc photo editor? Then do that nicely! My tips are therefore also very personal, but they may help you on your way.

Subject Of Your Book

It is important to have a clear topic for your photo album. For example, this could be your last vacation. But you can also choose a yearbook with all kinds of events. Or, for example, the first 6 months of your child. There is no right or wrong, but the clearer the subject of your book, the easier it is to shape it. Also, it is often quite expensive to add extra pages to a digitally printed photo album. Then it is more fun to make more albums of special moments than to try to cram everything into one album.

Kill Your Darlings

Do you always come back from vacation with an SD card with hundreds or perhaps thousands of photos? See you there to make a good selection! Of course, you can include 15 quality photos edited with a free pc photo editor of the same place in your book, but I think it is better to apply the ‘kill your darlings’ principle. That is, I will continue to delete photos until I have an acceptable number to process in my book.

With Or Without Text?

Some people usually make a photo album without much text. But it can be fun to process your stories and memories that belong to the photos in the book! For example, write a short text with every photo. Or collect your stories and fill a special page with them. You can do it in many ways. Especially with a photo album of your holiday it is nice to give some extra