Here Is What You Must Know About Semi-Permanent Eyeliner

Here Is What You Must Know About Semi-Permanent Eyeliner

October 12, 2021 Off By Leo

The eyes are one of the most important features of our face. Most of the time, eyes are the first thing someone notices on our face. Eyes are such a vital feature that we must highlight them in the best way possible. What highlight is better for our eyes than a perfectly applied eyeliner?

Eyeliner, more precisely, semi-permanent eyeliner is created to provide a sharp and attractive look to the eyes. Semi-permanent eyeliner, permanent eyeliner or cosmetic tattooing all have a similar meaning; inserting colorants into the dermal layer of the skin.

A Step by Step Guide On Getting a Semi-Permanent Eyeliner

Since semi-permanent eyeliner is such a prominent trend nowadays, you must have thought about getting it for yourself. If you do want to get a semi-permanent eyeliner, we are here to present a step by step guide on how to get a semi-permanent eyeliner.

Step No. 1.

The first step to get a semi-permanent eyeliner is to perform thorough research about a good practitioner who is reliable and trustworthy for the purpose. After doing so, speak with them about the style of eyeliner you prefer. This can be done by either showing pictures of you wearing your preferred eyeliner or just by explaining your preference to them.

The practitioner will ask you to fill up some forms regarding the safety of the procedure. Regarding if it’s safe to get or not. You will be required to fill a medical history form and a consent form.

Step No. 2

The process of getting the semi-permanent eyeliner begins by cleaning the eye and the surrounding area of the eye to make sure that no makeup particles, sebum or any other kind of impurity are present on the skin during the procedure. A numbing cream is applied. This cream helps in making the procedure painless.

Step No. 3

After the numbing cream is applied, and the effects of anaesthesia are observed, the practitioner will begin inserting the colorants with a digital apparatus. The procedure involves tearing the surface of the skin again and again and saturating the skin by inserting the colorant to draw eyeliner.

Step No. 4

To ensure that the colorants are properly inserted in the right amounts, the practitioner makes two to three passes. For this purpose, the procedure involves around one hour of continuous needling. After confirming that the colorant saturation is high enough, the area is cleaned. The first appointment ends here.

Step No. 5

The procedure to get a semi-permanent eyeliner requires two appointments. After the skin heals from the first appointment, a second appointment is required for the touch-up. In the second appointment, the eyeliner is made completely uniform by filling the light or empty patches caused due to the healing process.

In The Light of This Information

The procedure to get a semi-permanent eyeliner for making your eyes the most attractive feature of your face isn’t as difficult as many people say. Just make sure to keep in mind the above-mentioned steps for getting the perfect semi-permanent eyeliner.