For Once, Holidays Aren’t Daunting!

For Once, Holidays Aren’t Daunting!

November 26, 2021 Off By Leo

When I first started a family, I knew eventually I’d have to host some holidays when we had the space. It was too much running back and forth between families when everyone wanted to see the kids. The idea sounded equal parts exciting and exhausting all at once. I went ahead and created a basic menu for our first Thanksgiving meal. There are dishes that every Thanksgiving table cannot go without.

I wanted to make it easy on the people who were coming to us, so I took on the responsibility of making the entire meal, aside from appetizers and desserts. I planned to prove to our families that I had what it took to churn out a full holiday spread, and actually make it enjoyable as well. I was doing some generic research on what I could possibly do to lighten my load a little. I figured I could make some dishes up the day before to save me some work on the actual holiday. 

After a decent amount of information that was sifted through, I noticed one common thing: a food processor would be my saving grace in this situation. And now there was more research to be done. I needed to know which food processor was tough enough to take on this feat. From the information I gathered, the Cuisinart Food Processor looked like the answer. So I googled where to buy the machine, and found a website called KitchenWorksInc. that had just what I needed.

What was really cool was that there were a whole bunch of Cuisinart Food Processor replacement parts that I could browse through. It was great to know that if I used this apparatus as much as I expected to, I’d easily be able to find bowls and blades to replace mine when they wore out. I had the holy grail of kitchen products ordered, and I was well on my way to hosting my first adult holiday.

Spoiler alert: it was everything I hoped for and then some. Breaking my prep up between two days was my first lifesaver, but I couldn’t have done it without my fancy new food processor. It chopped, sliced and blended beyond my wildest dreams, and it made my job so much easier. I never realized that food prep could be so simple. What’s even better is that it’s so easy to clean, that switching between different foods was a breeze. 

If I’m being totally honest, I’m not sure how anyone gets through hosting any kind of gathering involving food without one of these without losing their mind. My first Thanksgiving holiday that I hosted was wildly successful. Everyone of all ages was happy, and I could actually breathe and enjoy my holiday with my family rather than being run ragged. I simply cannot say enough about how wonderful my food processor is and I’m looking forward to experimenting more when I purchase more parts for it.