Cybersecurity for small businesses: Answering top 3 important questions

Cybersecurity for small businesses: Answering top 3 important questions

April 9, 2020 0 By

In recent time, a bunch of studies have revealed that hackers and cybercriminals are actually targeting small & medium-scale businesses. From malware and ransomware attacks, to worms, password hack, and app attacks, the range of means has only increased. A report by Security Industry Association (SIA) & Wall Street Journal revealed that by 2020, more businesses will suffer cyberattacks through customers and partners. In other words, cybersecurity for your small business is a matter of concern that must be on the top priority list. In this post, we are sharing more on cybersecurity aspects that your company needs to know.

Why would hackers want to target small companies?

Large companies and organizations spend a considerable amount of money on cybersecurity measures, practices and steps. They often have extensive bug bounty programs to test their products and working environment, besides using the best software & programs in business to get protection against malware & phishing. That, unfortunately, isn’t true for smaller companies. Customers have lesser number of digital assets, and attacking them individually may not mean great profits for hackers. Small companies, on the other hand, have cybersecurity concerns, but they don’t spend on this as much, so there are gaps within the security perimeters that can be targeted.

How to do better with cybersecurity?

Businesses need to understand that a proactive stance and taking precautionary and preventive measures are the best tools for ensuring cybersecurity. Small businesses can do the following –

  • Educate employees and managers on common cybersecurity threats
  • Encourage strong password policies and using a password management tool
  • Change default passwords for all devices, including IP cameras and surveillance systems
  • Invest in antimalware & antivirus software
  • Take regular backups
  • Hire ethical hackers to test systems, working environment and IT resources

Should we hire cybersecurity experts?

That really depends on many factors, including your budget. As far as setting policies and defining in-house security measures and standards are concerned, cybersecurity experts can help. They can help your organization in staying complaint, and their presence will help in encouraging employees. Of course, the extent to which these experts stay involved is a call for the management to take.

Training your employees is critical for ensuring small business cybersecurity, because they are on the front line and are more likely to make mistakes that can cost huge. Avoid the security breaches rather than focusing on damage control – That’s all about proactive cybersecurity measures.